Aftercare of FSN

How to remove the retained subcutaneous cannula?


Why do we leave the FSN cannula in your body?

Before we discuss the aftercare details, I will briefly explain why we leave the cannula in your body for a while after the treatment.

As we know , the FSN treatment is involved in a mixture of insertion , sweeping and reperfusion, the retention technique being the last step and optional. The solid steel needle will be separated from the cannula , and only the soft cannula will remain in the subcutaneous layer. Please follow your practitioner’s advice regarding the retention time.

The goal of retention is to maintain the immediate effects of the treatment.

The cannula under your skin will still passively act as reperfusion while you make any movements with the related muscles.

That’s why we very often ask the patient to keep moving after the treatment with the retained cannula to re-assess if the treatment is working properly or if we need to readjust the treatment plan .

So, actually, cannula retention is a very important part of the treatment when it is applicable.

Restrictions when you have a cannula in place

• Do not adjust any part of your dressing or cannula.

• You must not get the cannula area wet.

• If your cannula is accidentally removed, apply pressure to the site and inform your practitioner immediately if there is pain, swelling or any other discomfort.

When do you remove the cannula?

You can leave the cannula for 24 hours maximum, it is advisable to remove the cannula before sleeping, to allow to have a shower the next morning;

Avoid any contact with water for at least 2 hours after the cannula removal ;

When the cannula is properly inserted the patient should feel no discomfort or pain when moving;

If there is any redness, tenderness or swelling observed or any discomfort around the cannula site or the site gets wet, then the cannula should be removed immediately .

Now is the time to discuss the cannula removal procedure, I am going to demonstrate step by step how to properly remove the cannula.

The step by step guide for cannula removal

Prior to commencing procedure wash your hands using hand sanitizer or soap and water;

Carefully tear the adhesive part of the dressing from your skin by securing the cannula in place with one fingertip;

Hold either a cotton bud or a piece of dry gauze or a cotton ball when Carefully releasing your finger tip, the cannula should become straight if it was folded .

As you pull out the cannula, apply firm pressure to the site for approximately 1-2 minutes or long enough to ensure that there is no subcutaneous leakage of blood. ( this process may take a bit longer if the patient is taking aspirin or other anticoagulation medications.)

Apply a suitable dressing to the site where the cannula has been removed.

Please don’t forget to put the cannula in a disposable plastic bag before you bin it.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed it. And I also hope you will get full benefit from this amazing FSN technique.

Bye-bye for now and see you next time!